Daena Sethna

Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer



Daena Sethna started her styling career in 2007 with the well known fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. Her perseverance, uniqueness and understanding of the essentials and aesthetics of style made her sparkle her way into the chaotically beautiful world of fashion and costume design.

Synonymous with cultivating an effortlessly chic aesthetic, Daena has mastered the art of styling high-end fashion with accessible everyday style. She has worked with the finest design houses to curate epic moments for red carpets, editorial, promotions and off-duty projects while curating and designing for advertisements, performances and shows, music videos, personal appearances and cinema.

Daena is a self-made entrepreneur who continues to curate and design signature looks for some of the industry’s most-watched A-listers and influencers alike

Having worked with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan as his personal stylist and designer for 5 years, Daena continues to work with stalwarts of the Indian Film Fraternity, the likes of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, Mr. Akshay Kumar – to name a few.

Her commitment to style while keeping in mind her client’s comfort is exemplary as is her cool, down to earth and easy going persona.

Daena has immense ability to multitask innumerable projects while maintaining and spreading her calm composure and making sure to get the job done with absolute ease and style, never letting down her client, nor the production house.

With a plethora of friends, clients, celebrities, photographers, directors, producers and artists vouching for her, Daena continues to move forward, following her passion, creating beautiful style and working with beautiful people.